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FREE CLASS ALERT! We are growing the Garden at Evolution Dance Studios and inviting you to join us with a free Zoom class this Saturday, August 14th: Bellydance Drills & Strength. Get a work out, keep your training going! Details & registration:

Don't forget the annual California Legends event is back & I've been invited to dance in the Saturday evening gala show! Don't miss the opportunity to study with the dancers who laid down the foundation for us. Join us Labor Day weekend in the studio or online for these invaluable workshops.

We will be having a special Halloween themed makeup workshop in October, date TBD, so stay tuned for VAMPIRE FACE. Here we get to be even more outrageous than usual, it's going to be soooo fun! Stay in the loop in our Lips, Liner, Lashes, repeat Facebook group:

Devilla's Pilates Playhouse is planning to return Monday 8/16. If you are not already getting class updates by email, please message me at Here are some class links to keep you company!

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