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The legends are coming! Directed by Kamala Almanzar and produced by Dance Garden LA we are thrilled to present An Evening with the Legends on Saturday, September 4. As part of our CA Legends of Bellydance Festival, this performance will feature many of our festival teachers PLUS local artists that are shaping the California dance scene. Join us in-house, virtually or on demand.

Featuring: Zahra Zuhair, Roxxanne Shelby Shelaby, Fahtiem Guta, Jamilla Al Wahid, Helena Vlahos, Sahra C Kent, Sonia Ochoa, Sonia Ochoa, Issam Houshan, Alia Mohamed, Aubre Hill, and me!

Tickets are on sale now https:

Classes are poppin' off at our new location! Dance Garden is growing and flourishing at Evolution Dance Studios, and there are a lot of class offerings this summer. Turkish, Salsa Fusion, Improv, Barre --- come in or tune in and cross train! See you Saturdays!

Pilates is OFF for this week. But we will be back on soon, so stay tuned. To keep up to date on class scheduling, join the Devilla's Pilates Playhouse email group:

Thank you all, see you soon, and have a lovely week!

~ Devilla Raks ~ Dance ~ Fitness ~ Beauty ~ Body & Soul ~

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