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DeVilla’s Shameless Fall News

Updated: Jan 23, 2021

Hi Everyone,

I hope your surviving and thriving through this quarantine!

It’s been a long and interesting 6 months but I’ve found peace, hope and joy through dancing and working out with all of you! I’m becoming a certified Pilates instructor, which is something I’ve long wanted to do and I’ve begun a Make Up workshop series and whole Make up tribe!

I’m so happy to share all these wonderful opportunities with you. Stay safe and strong out there. Please try to find the silver lining in all this. be kind to yourself and others. I believe LOVE WINS! So let’s LOVE and DANCE together!

Here are my fall Class and Workshop offerings. Brought to you in the ZOOMAVERSE.

Hope to see you soon!

Email me for workshop and work out class details at

And DO NOT MISS CA. Legends at Dance Garden LA.

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