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Hello Dance Gardeners! As you may have heard, changes are on the horizon for Dance Garden LA. There may be some slight alterations to the curriculum, etc. in the new year, we will keep you informed. But have no fear, me and my classes are still here! 9:30 am & 10:45 am (PST)!


The holidays are just around the corner, and I have two exciting announcements to make.

First, SAVE THE DATE for Dance Garden's Winter Fiesta: SUNDAY, DECEMBER 19! We will be performing our Zaina choreography, virtually.

Second, I will be offering a HOLIDAY SAMPLER PACKAGE: DANCE, FITNESS, & BEAUTY! You will have the opportunity to get private 1:1 instruction / consultation in bellydance, mat Pilates, & makeup.

This is an all in one chance for you to dip your painted toe in the water if you haven't yet studied with me; or to get personal, focused training in a technique that you would like to build skills in. Need to work on your core? Want to improve your snake arms? Need professional advice on applying eyeliner with a hooded eye? Start brainstorming now, details soon!


And TODAY is STAGE FACE! makeup workshop as part of DANGEROUS BEAUTIES' MUSE. In this workshop we will cover "Knowing your house", the art of knowing how much make up to wear for your venue: foundation, high light and shading, cheek colors, lip colors, lip correction and eyes! A basic Arabic eye and brow style will be demonstrated. A false eyelash demonstration will be given as well. You will need to bring make up kits including a towel, brushes and a mirror. You will also need paper and pen for note taking. I will try to teach you everything I know, so be ready!

Click the link here to register:


In other very exciting news, I will be a part of the RAQS TIKI KAUA'I BELLY DANCE INTENSIVE! So mark your calendars, gather up those flight miles, and pack your bags, because we are going to Hawaii baby!

Raqs Tiki Kauai Belly Dance Intensive 2022 is a gathering of world renowned instructors in dance and drumming, teaching and sharing the joy of dance and music. Workshop attendees will enjoy small class sizes, 10 workshops, a luau, a Vintage Vibe Meet and Greet, a Glittering Gala with our featured artists and special guests, and the Raqs Tiki Pau Hana Hafla where workshop attendees will enjoy performing. Beaches and beauty, a relaxed vibe to learn from the best, and time to make friends and enjoy new bonds!


And finally, Devilla's Pilates Playhouse is currently on hold, but will be back soon, so stay tuned!

~ Devilla Raks ~ Dance ~ Fitness ~ Beauty ~ Body & Soul ~

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